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Pool Deck Resealing, SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Port St Lucie

Pool decks are a must if you have a pool. They expand your space and outdoors and make it more beautiful. You can create an area for all your family to enjoy and play. Or maybe you have a commercial property that can gain from allowing guests or clients to use the space. When considering the deck, you ought to remember that, just like the pool, it needs maintenance. Among them, pool deck resealing will be the most crucial. It will prevent recurring expenses and focus on keeping the space safe and functional for all users.

At SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Port St. Lucie, we want to ensure you get all services done. For this, our contractors are here to inspect your space, focus on using high-quality products, and ensure the resealing is done with the utmost care.

Having your services in place and taking care of whom you are hiring is crucial. Otherwise, it is common to have “professionals” who will be far from offering what you need. We have dealt with many pool decks resealed a few months earlier, yet all of them cracked and didn’t look as neat as they should be.

Although resealing your deck needs to be done frequently over the years, it isn’t a yearly service. If you have contractors who worry about the products used and how the sealer is applied, it should be done every 2 to 4 years.

We always aim to keep your deck intact for at least three years. However, everything depends on certain factors:

  • The weather and exposure. Considering Florida’s weather is mostly hot, you will have to consider the sun and how you keep your regular maintenance in check.
  • The type of deck you have. Resealing is often done to stamped concrete or texturized ones. Considering the type of materials used, you don’t usually reseal travertine or even brick pavers.
  • Foot traffic and volume. How many people use your pool deck and area matters. The more people there are, the easier and quicker your deck will wear out. This is when reapplication is needed more often.

How Can You Tell If You Need Resealing?

You can always tell when there is something wrong with your pool deck. However, you cannot always determine what’s wrong with it. Or if you need resealing and not another service to keep it in check and in good shape.

In most cases, discoloration or how your deck loses color is a good sign. A good sign to identify if resealing is needed, at least. This is because the sun or weather conditions make your deck suffer.

Although you can delay resealing in those cases, it isn’t recommended. Your concrete will start losing color faster, and cracks will show as the layer isn’t protecting the raw material.

We can inspect the deck before taking any steps. This is the right way to proceed since we need to know your pool area’s state and whether resealing and other services must be mixed.

We pour a glass of water on it or just make the surface wet. We will see how the deck reacts to the water. This can be seen in areas near the pool, considering water splashes every time. However, it is different when considering the entire deck’s state. The sealer will, naturally, wear out quicker in those areas. But what about the rest?

We will focus on determining the entire condition, and whether resealing it all is the way to go. Regardless, doing it in the entire pool deck is the best recommendation since it maintains the state of the pool area the same and going strong. But if you are limited in budget or specific conditions, we can only reseal part of the deck.

Should You Prioritize Resealing All the Time?

Most likely, yes. You can delay some repairs if they do not directly affect the pool’s condition. Of course, this will always depend on the deck’s condition and how much it affects safety and performance. However, resealing is another story. Considering it covers the entire area and can make a difference on a large scale, you want to take care of it soon enough.

We know it can be a bit overwhelming, but besides the reasons we have given you so far, we want to list a few more:

  • You want to prevent repairs and more maintenance. They can become more expensive and even resurfacing could be needed in most cases.
  • You increase your deck’s lifespan. With this resealing alone, you should expect it to last for over a decade. If you wash it and keep the maintenance low as needed, you shouldn’t worry so much about it from there on.
  • The aesthetical appeal won’t be left behind. You get to enhance it as the color remains, stays, and will be renewed. Of course, sometimes resurfacing will be needed depending on how much your deck wore out.
  • It is safer for everyone. If you reseal it, you prevent cracks or any possible damage, as mentioned earlier. However, you may not know that some of them can scale quite easily. People could use the pool area and trip or have an accident due to poor conditions.

Contact us at SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Port St. Lucie. We will take care of your needs and focus on how you can get everything done in no time. We will fit the project within your budget and focus on your needs the most.

If there are any changes or additional services you want to perform on your deck, this is a good opportunity. Costs decrease due to how we can handle the different solutions and how we must prepare the pool deck.

For more details and information, contact us and ask away!