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Pool Heater Installation, SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Port St Lucie

Installing a heater is not what usually comes to mind when you think about a feature for your pool. however, it will be a great addition if you know how to put it to use. At SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Port St. Lucie, we can educate you about our heaters and how this project is a good option. Several companies and commercial pool owners have contacted us to have pool heater installations done by our team. this is because they want their features to work and operate all day without issues.

The most common reason behind the installation is that water isn’t always at its best temperature. If you think about it for a second, you cannot swim at night in most cases. If you want to deal with very cold water or get sick, you can go for it. however, for hotels or maybe your residential pool, it isn’t the best.

You want to have the best experience. This can be offered with a heater that is always running or ready to be used when you want to dive in. this way, you don’t have to worry about using your own pool at specific hours only.

Now, not all heaters are good options for your space. some of them will take a lot of time to use and others will make you spend lots of money on energy bills. You will have to work with the limitations you are given and it ends up being a hassle.

What our team does for you is not only get the installation done but also focus on which one you need. for instance, you have three different types of heaters to choose from. Electrical, solar, and gas. In most cases, we recommend the solar option thanks to the weather in the area.

Since Florida is known for its shining sun and having great weather most of the year, using a solar heater isn’t an issue. However, it is true it comes with some initial investment. It can be the most expensive one in the batch and you may need to wait sometime to get your money returned.

However, the electrical option isn’t always the most efficient. But it is the most common one people opt for. The reason lies in how it can be left on all day.

Usually, you would think it will consume lots of energy. But after the water has been heated, you can regulate how the heater works and make sure it is operating in a maintenance mode. This way, you spend way less electricity, and yet, your pool will still be at the desired temperature.

The gas option is the most expensive in terms of the materials and how you have to use gas to pump the heater. It consumes more electricity but it is quite a good option when you want to heat the water fast. It works similarly to the electrical heater. What varies is how fast it works and if it ends up being an option that is too expensive and not affordable at all.

Are All Pool Heaters Installed in the Same Way?

Now that you know about the heaters you have, you can focus on the installation.

Not all of them are installed the same considering the type you are using. You need to focus on how you want to place it and where. For the electrical and gas options, you will need an electrical outlet. We always recommend having one dedicated to the heater only. This will prevent overcharging or any accidents and incidents in your space.

For the solar one, it is more about placement and how we work with the installation.

Of course, connections and systems are still needed due to how you must place the heater to actually get all the energy in the water and get your result. Our team will assess the options and focus on how we can make them viable options.

In the end, the installation will depend on what you select. Nevertheless, we do have to mention that they share the usual placement in most pools except for the solar heater. The latter must be placed at times when the sun will hit its panels properly at every hour. This way, you are sharing your system and heating your water whenever you want with enough energy.

For the electrical and gas options, placement is often far from the water source. This helps us prevent any accidents and you can have a more comfortable system in place.

How Much Will Pool Heater Installation Cost You?

You need to consider multiple expenses in the project. The heater, connections, any outlet that needs to be installed, or additional items to ensure the heater is properly placed. All this is included in the estimate you get for your installation.

At SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Port St. Lucie, we focus on how we can get you the most affordable prices. This is without sacrificing quality since we work with only top-quality heaters and products in the industry.

Depending on the heater you choose to install, we will give you multiple options in products. You can get a heater from $1.500 to $5.000. however, the most expensive option is usually considered for commercial pools as they are larger and owners need to keep them warm all day long.

The solar heater is probably the most expensive considering the panels and how it saves you money in the long run. We will help you determine what’s better for your goals, the pool, and your budget.

Allow our team to schedule a visit when you contact us and we will inspect the place. Then, design and plan the whole installation with multiple options. Make sure to let our team know right away about your budget. They will be able to work with your more comfortably and meet all your needs by doing so.

Our labor in installing the heater will be included in the final estimate. Any adjustments or changes can be done as per your request as well.